Monday, July 26, 2010

June Happenings

For some reason I don't have any photos to speak of for June. Maybe I was too busy to break out the camera. So a quick update:
Hayden was gone for over a week to Hawaii with his G&G Cooper and Ryan. He had a blast. It was really quiet around here for a few days. What amazed me was how long the food lasted in our house. I had leftovers I had to throw away!
Part of the week was spent at Girl's camp at Kolob. Mendis and I had fun running up to the mountain. The drive is so beautiful. We had a great time with lots of different wards up there. We needed more time so didn't get around to everybody. Maybe next year.
After Hayden got back it was back to basketball in a big way. He had practices at home and for his Vegas team. We racked up the gas bills. He spent a week at basketball camp at Dixie. He loves that camp and had a great time.
We got one super fun weekend when we went all the way up to Manti. We went to the pageant on Friday. It was fun running into the singles there and enjoyed the pageant. The next day Hayden had a workout at Snow College for their basketball team.
The highlight of the month had to be Stake Conference. Mendis did an awesome job on his talk Saturday night. We got to meet Elder Szebrowski (sp) and his wife. They were such an amazing couple. Awesome speakers and so fun! We missed the dinner Saturday night with them but we got to spend lots of time with them on Sunday. Very inspiring, very cool. We loved them. A great month that just flew by!!

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