Monday, April 20, 2015


We went up to Provo the weekend of April 18 so we could celebrate Laura & Rachel's Graduation from BYU and to see Mom & Dad who would be there for the festivities. We left home first thing Friday morning because we had some appointments with Stacey in St George on the way. As soon as we finished that we took the pickup over to Costco for new tires and then we met up with Hayden & Megan & Stacey for lunch at the Habit. Then Hayden got his tire cut up pretty bad so after lunch we took his car over to Costco and got his tire replaced. We picked up the glass for my desk from Jones Paint & Glass and parked the truck at Hayden's for the weekend and finally hit the road five short hours after we started!!
The celebration dinner at Tucano's. We love that place and everyone had a great time. We got there with no time to spare on the reservation. Hayden and Megan drove up after Megan got off work so they missed the dinner.
 After dinner we headed to the house Carolyn had rented for her family and chilled for awhile. After everyone got there we all took our guesses on where we thought Emily would be going on her mission. I won by the way since I guessed the Philippines and she is going to Hong Kong in August!
 We all spent the night at Christina's. And by all I mean Coopers. The next day we had lunch all together again at Zupas. After lunch we took Mom and Dad with us and went to the Payson Temple open house. What a beautiful Temple it is. I knew it would be pretty but the details were incredible. I especially loved the stain glass inside and out.

We weren't able to get tickets but luckily they let us all in on standby which cost us maybe one extra minute. That night we all met up again and this time we went to Mexican food. IT took over an hour to get seated so we were pretty starved by the time we sat down. It was a fun night. It rained on and off the whole weekend so we went back to Christina's that night and watched some TV and chilled with a pazookie. Yummy! What an awesome weekend. We had so much fun. On the way home the four of us stopped at G & G Cooper's for dinner and a visit.

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