Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coming to an End

All we had left of our vacation was one last sea day. We spent it sleeping in and packing up and there were still alot of fun things to do on the ship.
 I watched a towel folding demo.
 I said good bye to Ben & Jerry's even though we never even ate there. Who had time?
 I wandered around and took a few pictures on the ship.
 What a view!
 I thought this was cool. They had interactive maps so you didn't have to drag a map around with you or your daily compass that told you what was going on. This showed you all that and how to get there etc. We used them alot.
Dinner was a party. 
 The crew put on a little show for us and we all applauded them for a great cruise and fabulous service.

 Our last sunset

We sat in front of these awesome ladies every night at the theater. They were so cute. They were always telling us to quit hugging. Jeff & Jolynn got to have breakfast with them on our last day. Lucky!!
  Gotta have one more peak at the room. Our home for a week.
The sea was of luggage now. We had to find ours and go through customs.
 Yup the party was over and it was time for the long flight home. We stopped at In & Out Burger on the way home and guess who we ran into...the Keel's. Thank goodness since we were missing everyone already.

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