Sunday, April 12, 2015

Clark County Fair 2015

 While Chris was here we had a movie night with Ashley & Jolynn one night and we went shopping in Vegas one day but pretty much the rest of the time I had to work until it was fair time! Thursday was carnival day. Christina headed up to Ashley's earlier and I met up with them all after I got home from work.
 Dane was too young for the carnival pass I got him so Christina used it and took him on as many rides as she could.

I love the photo bomber in the back ground.
I totally used my kids pictures from instagram so thanks kids!
 Saturday night Ashley got Megan's sister, Emilie and her friend to babysit so I could take all the adult kids to the rodeo. There were way too many of us to slip in the side gate and watch with Mendis.

 It was a fun night! And a fun fair actually even though I am usually not that excited to go to the fair any more.
Too bad I am too lazy to take the tag icon off that last picture I stold!

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