Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Costa Maya

April Fools Day and I forgot to play a joke on anyone :(
Our ship docked early at about 8am and we were ready to go to the beach. I had booked us a day at a private beach club called Maya Chan that was a taxi ride away. That was interesting because there are beach clubs all along the shore and even right up to the road. Seriously there would be a lounge chair right there 2 feet from the road. The road was another adventure in itself. Pot holes and gravel. Great fun. So about a 15 min drive or so and there we were.
 A huge dock for the cruise ships right there. It was still a hike to get in to the "town".
 The view from the water. So cute. Just what I pictured which was a huge relief.

 Ready for our day of relaxation
 We started with a massage right there at the beach for $50 for an hour. Loved that except for one detail. I had sun screened up really well and then I got it all rubbed off. Not only that I got oiled u from the massage so when I hung out on the lounge chair in the ocean for two hours I got fried and didn't realize it! I sure knew it by that night. It only took about 3 weeks to heal.

 The view from their tree house.

I had to get a picture of this webcam because I had watched it tons before booking the beach resort. It was pretty cool to be on the other side of it for once!

This picture pretty much sums up our day. It was an all inclusive beach club so that meant a fabulous grilled lunch and all the snack we could eat including a yummy guacamole. It also included all the drinks you want. Well we got every smoothie an non alcoholic drink we could think of. We helped them save a little money that day since we didn't drink their booze! It was so relaxing and a very enjoyable day. Even Mendis who doesn't enjoy the beach so much had a good day relaxing.
 Hanging in the shops on the way back to the ship. Shopping is always fun but I didn't see any jewelry I just had to have.
 Another beautiful sunset at sea!
 And another great dinner followed by awesome desserts!!

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