Sunday, February 22, 2015


 Early Friday morning, waaaay before the sun came up, Mendis and I flew off to Tennessee. We were on the way to see Beth & John sealed in the Nashville Temple. When we arrived we hit right in the middle of winter. In fact they had an ice storm and snow just before we got there with more due to hit. So we got the last 4wheel drove in the state at a dear price and felt much better at our chances on the roads.
 We stopped for lunch where we noticed the darkening skies and a sign that said they were closing early so the employees could beat the storm home. So we checked into our hotel, met up with Nadine and we all headed on down to Beth's house to visit which was an hour in the opposite direction of our hotel of course. Thank goodness for the 4wheel drive because we had to use it on the freeway on the way home.
 The next morning we loaded up Nadine with us again and went to the Temple. Again it was yucky weather but near as bad as the night before.

 The Temple was so neat inside. This was only our 2nd time there and I just so enjoy the spirit of a small Temple. It was a lovely sealing and we were so glad we could be there for them on this special day. Nadine and Dad and Dreah, Nick, Nathan and some of John's family waited in waiting room for us.
Trying to get organized

Nice looking group

After the sealing we all headed to lunch. We went to this super cute BBQ place in Franklin. The food was amazing of course. We had a wonderful meal with great company.

 After dinner I had my first deep fried brownie sundae. Pretty much to die for!
That afternoon after dinner we herded on back to Beth's house to visit for the evening. I got some great video of mom telling stories that she doesn't even know about. It was a nasty drive again that night but near as bad as the night before. It was such a great visit. We had lots of time to catch up with Nadine driving back and forth in the truck both days so we enjoyed that plus all the family at Beth's house.

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