Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Trip Around the World

The day had finally come for us to eat ourselves around the world. We started off in Epcot with a couple of rides Mendis hadn't been able to go on in 2009 when we were last here.
 We went on the Mission Space adventure which is fun.
 I took the easier version and he did the ramped up one.
We did Test Track together. That is pretty fun too and that car really gets going. The lines were crazy busy though.

 Then we headed over the magical bridge into the World Showcase which is hands down our favorite.
 We started off with fish & chips for lunch from England. You just have to do that. Basically tradition now! A couple birds joined us and wanted our lunch pretty bad. So did the squirrels.
 We did some shopping through Canada and England and then got dessert in Paris.
 Those French pastries are also a tradition. Actually our favorite tradition I would say.
 Then we walked and shopped through Morocco and Italy.
 You just have to get chocolates in Italy. They are scrumptious.
 In Germany we had to visit the Werther's shop. The smell alone is enough to kill you. The carmel popcorn in hands down the best in the world!
Mexico is always fun

 We saw this amazing stroller. 
Of course the little girl who was riding in it later was wearing her princess gown!
This might have been the first time we went to the America pavilion and watched the show and everything.

Amazing drummers in Japan
 We came back to Japan and had dinner.
 Luckily I had made reservations weeks earlier or we would have been out of luck.

Not so hidden mickey in Morocco

 After dinner as we were walking out the lighting in England and Canada was just perfect.

O Canada

A great day!!

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