Monday, February 23, 2015

Diagon Alley with Nadine

 After Tennessee we flew directly to Florida. Business for hubby and fun for me. Monday Nadine picked me up and we went to the outlet mall first! Kate Spade was defiantly our most fun filled shopping experience. Nadine even bought a Kate Spade purse. I got a crossover bag and a wallet and passport cover for the cruise and a phone cover too. Ya we didn't go nuts or anything. I was going to get the girls some jewelery but it was crazy expensive. From there we headed to Universal Orlando so we could check out the new Harry Potter Diagon Alley. It did NOT disappoint. Seriously the Harry Potter section there is amazing. Up to Disney par I would say. There were way too many things to take pictures of and way too many pictures.

Nadine workin it for the best camera angle!
This is the entrance to the Hogwart's Express which we saved for last!
 It started in London and it was deja vous. Really loved the night bus but it's too bad we didn't know you could go around the the back and look in.
 The owlery was so cute. Bird poop and all.

Gringotts was absolutely incredible. Very cool looking and the best ride ever. Seriously fun!!

 Going through Gringott's was just as fun as the ride. Alot of attention to detail just like Hogwart's castle on the other side of the park.

It only rained under the umbrella of course
 Our lunch stop was awesome. We had to get the Ploughman's Lunch for two.
Ya we didn't starve.

Hermoine's Winter Ball outfit
What tour would be complete without the bathrooms. Ministry of Magic anyone??
  Our last stop of the day was the Hogwart's Express. A complete delight after an hour long wait. It was so cute it was just like being there!
We had a simply fantastic day. I wish everyone could have gone but Nadine and I made the best of it lol.

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