Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dinner with Orellanos

The next day the guys had meeting in the morning and then we took Mike & Karla to the airport and we checked out of our hotel and into our timeshare. We met up with Nadine & Will and the kids that night for dinner. Cassie had to work that night so she missed out on all the fun.

 It was really great table side guacamole service. We had yummy chicken quesadillos. We even had Coke from Mexico. We sat out by the water on the deck which sounds super fun and it was except it got really cold and windy. Luckily they lowered the clear shade so that helped a ton. Carter was even able to take his arms out of his tshirt after awhile lol.
It was fun to hang out with Nadine's family for the evening. It was a great meal and great company. We haven't had a ton of time to get to know Will so this was a wonderful opportunity. Too bad we missed Cassie though.

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