Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Magic Kingdom with Karla

One more day of business for the guys, one more fun day for the women! Karla and I decided to go to the Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. 
 Luckily there was a shuttle that stopped right at out hotel to take us back and forth.
 We headed straight for "Be Our Guest" restaurant because I really, really wanted to go there and they have a standby line for lunch. It was only about a 30 minute wait which I didn't think was too bad especially for that place.
Of course they even entertain everyone in line. The castle was soo cute.

 The view from our table. So you order on the way in to the ballroom on a computer screen. You pay there and everything. Then they give you a rose to take to your table which is a GPS devise so the servers can find you and bring your food right to your table on these big serving carts. They don't carry anything which is a great idea considering all the people milling around, especially kids.
 I had to take a tour of the place while we were waiting for our food. There was the beasts study where everything looked torn apart. The rose was there of course under glass.

 I just had to take pics of our desserts. It's basically a tradition right. BTW best chocolate cupcake ever!
Karla and I had such fun riding rides even though it was pretty crowded. It started pouring at one point so we waited in line forever and got us some ponchos. Then we hit Splash Mountain all prepared too since by then it stopped raining. We did Pirates and a few other rides. The best story was the Haunted Mansion though. We had just the perfect amount of time left to go and still comfortably get our shuttle back.
Well wouldn't you know the ride quit just as we were about to get on our doom buggy but at that point there is no going back off the ride you are committed to go. So it finally started up and away we went. Then seriously about four cars from getting off the ride it stopped again this time for about 20 minute easy. We couldn't figure out what the problem was until I looked over and say they were unloading a wheelchair man. That should have been no big deal but for some reason we sat there for at least 20 minutes while they discussed etc. We were pretty upset by then and worried we were going to miss our shuttle reservation. We did some major speed walking out from the back of the park clear out to the transportation station a monorail ride away. We just made it with no time to spare. Not even a minute. What a crazy way to get out of there especially since we didn't even have time for me to stop and get my box of Disney popcorn that I wanted so badly :(

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