Monday, November 26, 2012


I guess if I am going to print out 2012 I better get up to date soon. This year is speeding right along. We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We got to have everyone of our kids home with us that are allowed to be here haha. Hayden was the only one missing. Jeff & Rachel arrived pretty late Tuesday night. They brought Tori and Dreah with them from BYUI. They are my nieces from Tennessee and we were so excited they could come for Thanksgiving this year. We started off our holiday the next night after work with a trip up to Cedar City for a family taco fest at Grandpa & Grandma Cooper's house. It was fun to see Stacey& his family, Rob & his family, and Charlie & Alisha all there too. We met up Christina there on her way home. Going to Cedar meant that there wasn't going to be homemade rolls etc for Thanksgiving but I didn't care if no one else did. It was a fun night visiting with everyone.
 We had a little time to kill while we waited for our feast Thursday to be ready so the  kids went 4 wheeling. This was a first for Dreah for sure and maybe even Tori too! They got nice and dusty so we made them eat outside. Nah not really. The weather was so nice we decided to eat out on the patio. Plus our neighbors were gone to it was really peaceful out there for once so we took advantage of it.
 Jeff was a big help getting rid of all the turkey skin! We pretty much ate it all between the two of us!

Group Photo time.

Dessert time! Hhmmm which one to choose...
We had to gear up after all because all us girls went into Vegas to go Black Friday shopping. We left about 9pm and got back about 4am. It was so fun. We hit up Target first then we did Kohl's. The checkout line there was horrendous though. We were going to go to H&M but it didn't open until 4 so we decided to call it a night. Or a morning. We went through the drive through at Burger King and went home. The girls in the back seat slept all the way but Christina kept me company on the drive. It was so fun but the deals were kinda weak.

 Friday Jeff had a ton of correcting to do for work. He is a TA at BYUI and has to grade and record papers every single week. Lucky for us he brought that week's worth down to do.
We also played a killer game of Croquet while everyone was here. It was nice to get outside and do something. We missed Hayden and his trash talking game though!

Friday we took a hike too. We took everyone to the Valley of Fire for a little hike. I love this one with the little slot canyon and stuff. It's my favorite.

I am not giving an explanation on this one. Tori & Rachel!

After our fun afternoon hike we had Ashley and the family out for dinner and games.We played Kinect games with everyone. I got it at black Friday so we were anxious to try it out.

While the kids were all home we even decorated the whole house for Christmas which explains the Christmas tree behind them already! That's a nasty little chore that is good to get over with!
It was so fun to have a full house this year for Thanksgiving. We had alot of fun together and got alot accomplished together too.

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