Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

 This was a fun Veteran's Day for us. It was weird having everything take place on Monday so our timetable was a little off. Mendis' birthday was Sunday so we had a two day celebration instead of everything being on Veteran's Day. We always start off with grape juice and Egg on Toast which never disappoints! Love that stuff. Then we troop on down to Mendis' parade. This year Rees and Cooper were here with Ashley while Benjy had to work. It was so cold too that day but it didn't slow us down too much. The boys really got into the candy throwing during the parade. They got so much candy they couldn't begin to eat it all even though Cooper tried. 

 We met up with the Coopers in our traditional spot in the island by Maverick. I am not sure why we always set up there because nobody ever performs there because it's on the curve of the road but sure is convenient. SO after the parade we headed home for a relaxing day. Mendis took the boys down to the river for a rock throwing session. Cooper wanted to get right in the river of course. They threw rocks and dirt clods into the river until there was nothing left to throw.

 Then to complete the outdoor extravaganza they hit up the sand box. It is so fun to watch them play with the boys old trucks. They need a little tlc but they work! It was a fun day. Of course we had tacos for dinner with the Cooper Clan for Mendis' Bday too.

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