Saturday, November 10, 2012

Missionary Moms!!

 We had the best brunch in November. It was hosted by a couple missionary moms, Geniel & Michele. They invited every mom of every missionary from the class of 2011. Mendis and I counted 27 in all from that class. These boys were super close and they are such amazing missionaries. I would love to list them all but I am afraid I will forget someone. We had a potluck brunch which was super fabulous by the way and got together at Geniel Ozaki's house. Then we went all around the room and updated everyone on how our boys were doing. It was the most fun day. I tried to remember everything so I could tell Hayden in my letter that week. He is always wondering how his buddies are doing. They really were an exceptional class of guys. Every class has sent out lots of missionaries but with this group there was never any doubt that they would serve the Lord since they have been doing it all through their lives. There are just a few more that we hope to send off soon. Love all those boys and we miss having them hanging out at our house. They are all over the world right now and in just 8 short months they will be coming back home one at a time! Looking forward to that day.

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