Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween was so much more fun with little kids around the house this year. Quick recap...I had the day off because who wants to get their eyes checked on Halloween?? So Ashley and her boys came out early. Cooper was supposed to sleep in the car on the way out but that didn't happen. I had an afternoon of Disney cartoons planned that my kids used to watch while I worked on Halloween projects like finishing up costumes. The boys weren't terribly interested but I think as they get more familiar with them I can win them over. Ashley & I were into them though! I had a project to work on of course. I had to make cute little treats for the neighbor kids and my visiting teaching sisters.
 As you can see Cooper was pretty fascinated with them. They were pretty cute though. A brownie on the bottom with white chocolate pretzels in a stack on top of that with a marshmallow with a face painted on to make a skeleton. I added glow sticks in each bag so he really loved that.
Rees getting all ready to be Batman blue hair and all!!
 It took about a million pictures to get this cute one of the boys. First they had to stand still at the same time and then...
 without the pillow pet...
 and then maybe standing not trying to sleep in the pillow pet...
 we about gave up
And success.
With their costumes on they were ready to go to the ward party. We had chili and some dessert there. The boys played the games they had for the primary kids and then it was finally trick or treat time.
They were so cute. We just did Robbin lane, Robison & Shurtliff St and that was about all we could fit in. They walk a bit slow of course but the funniest thing was how into it they were. Ashley had made them the cutest trick or treat bags with glow in the dark ghosts on them and everything and I wish I had a picture of Cooper dragging his through the dirt the whole night. He just dragged it behind him everywhere and wouldn't let anyone help him with it. Then we went to Crawford's house that was all set up spooky with a fog machine and everything. When that thing went off with lots of scarey noises too they both cleared about a foot jumping up and then the screaming ensued. Okay I tried not to laugh but I have to say it was hilarious to the adults...poor little guys never really got over that.
So we skipped all the trunk or treats because this was their chance to really go door to door. It's been years since we went trick or treating but it was a blast. No one wanted to stay home and miss out by handing out candy so I just left the bag on the porch. AND we even had some left when we got home. The dynamic duo was pretty played out and were asleep before they turned off Cooper St to go home!!

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