Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinner at the Aria

Once in awhile it really hits home that your kids are all grown up. Ashley & Benjy took US out to dinner! It was pretty special. Not because our kids don't do cool things like that for us (because they do) but because it's like maybe we could hang out together as adults and just enjoy each others company like they are our peers. It's such a great thing to have adult children. No reminding them to use their manners at the restaurant. No telling them what their spending limit is. No cleaning up after spills. Just 4 adults having dinner...and of course the bestest part was they picked up the tab. And a huge tab it was.

Benjy's family has a tradition that when you get a new job you take the family out to dinner with your first paycheck. I think I like this tradition. They really, really splurged and took us to the Aria. Ashley had always wanted to try lobster so this was her big chance. 
Finally the Lobster!
 I know lots of people think Las Vegas buffets aren't that big of a deal maybe kinda lower class food with just tons of mediocre food but let me be the first to say things have changed folks. There may still be lots of food choices but it can get pretty gourmet. This one is probably the priciest in town but it included wine which was wasted on us of course.
We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and blew the diets right out of the water again.
Because I can't have any seafood without a trip to the hospital included in the evening entertainment I always enjoy the desserts the best. These didn't disappoint.

Yes it was a little silly taking pictures but to make it worse Ashley was thrilled to take a picture of me embarrassing myself taking pictures. Dang it.

After dinner we wandered around the Aria and came across this enormous sculpture made entirely of chocolate. I wish I had a person standing there so you could see that its about 8 feet tall. Way cool. 
It was a pleasant night hanging out with our kids. We got stuck in the Electric Daisy Traffic going home but we were still basking in the dessert glow and didn't care!!

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Ashley said...

Awwwweee...You made me tear up a little :) That was so fun and AMAZING food. Thanks for sharing our celebration with us!