Friday, June 22, 2012

Reeses 1st Sleepover at Grammy's

 Now that Ashley & Benjy live close by it was time to venture into the world of sleepovers with Grandpa & Grammy! I had a couple of days off in a row so we got started on our adventure! Friday June 8th I went into Vegas to do some shopping and met up with the Comeau Fam at the Galleria Mall. After a couple hours in Kohl's the kids started to loose interest so we headed over to the food court to let them run in the kids play area for awhile. We had some lunch and then it was time for Rees to say goodbye to mom & dad. I was planning on hitting WinCo before coming home but since I spent every cent I had in Kohl's we just called it a day and headed right home. Rees had a fun time chatting all the way home. He was pretty excited. I gave him the tour of downtown and told him what every building was even though I am pretty sure he already knew. We started our adventure at Lin's where really every Overton adventure must begin. He got to ride in the huge car cart which is a huge pain can I just mention. We got all the necessary treats and stuff for dinner. I had a delivery to make next door so Rees helped me carry it to Lee & Anthony for their graduation
(I thought this turned out so cute so had to share. It's a smart water bottle filled with smarties and money!!)
Back to the story:

 We made homemade pizza for dinner. I use the term homemade loosely here because I didn't even make my own crust or sauce. I figured he didn't care and just wanted to help make it. He was quite the little chef. After dinner it was super windy outside so I did my best to distract him from going outside. He colored. He chatted up Grandpa who was nuts enough to think he was going to get homework done. I think his favorite thing was when I got out Hayden's treasured fisher price pirate ship. I quite like it myself because he was entertained for at least an hour! Hayden will be sad he didn't get to introduce him to it but sacrifices have to be made for the goodness of the whole team here. He did head outside for a bit with Grandpa to swing and slide and visit. I took him for a jump on the trampoline. Then I gave him a bubble bath with light sticks in it but would you believe I forgot to turn out the lights for is a dud! After we got rid of the days grime we finally got to the main event and pulled out tangled. We popped popcorn and got out blankets to watch our movie. Even Grandpa joined us. Rees made it until about 9:30 then conked out in the middle of it. It's been along time since Grandpa carried a kid to bed. He looked pretty tiny in a double bed all to himself. He didn't get to see his light sticks he slept with so maybe we will have to repeat that.

Saturday morning started at 6:30. I was thinking maybe he would sleep in after being up so late but nope. Grandpa was ready to make him anything he wanted for breakfast and he choose leftover pizza. After breakfast I took him out back to play with the sand toys I got the day before. There was even a cute wheelbarrow that he was dying to play with (wouldn't you know he saw it Friday afternoon). So I set him all up and went over to pull weeks in the rock garden. So that was it for the sand toys. He wasn't interested in that by himself. Just like my kids! So I decided it was time he learned to climb trees.

He was pretty scared at first but he got the hang of it. The Gamboa's were having a huge BBQ next door and insisted we come over for lunch so off we went. I loaded up our plates and then Rees and I took it home and ate. While Grandpa was mowing the lawn we watched him work ( one of my favorite things). Rees decided Grandpa sure was a good worker! After lunch he played in the sprinklers then we blew lots and lots of bubbles.

Then I put on a bulldozer movie and told him he needed to lay there and watch it but he didn't need to take a nap.


 After the nap we microwaved Ivory soap in the microwave. I was amazed how cool it was. Frankly I was more entertained and enthralled with the whole thing way more than Rees!
By the time we loaded Rees up and headed back to Henderson I was pretty wiped out. Benjy said I was a rock star so hey it was successful. I am not sure who had more fun Rees or the rest of his family at home. It might be a tie and I know Rees had a great time because he told me so lots and lots....

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Ashley said...

I just showed Rees the pictures. It is so funny to hear about what happened in his words while comparing it to blog story. He had SO MUCH fun. Thank you guys for doing this for him (and me. Now you know why I am always so tired and cranky, huh :0)