Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial Weekend

 For the first time in years we finally got away for Memorial Day Weekend. Jeff and Rachel couldn't get away to come home so we decided to head up to Rexburg and visit them. We got out of here pretty late Friday so we spent the night in Provo. We were thinking we could get breakfast with Christina or maybe even drag her up to Rexburg with us. But she had just finished up her school year Friday and was comatose for the weekend. Can't say I blame her. So we passed right on through ...

We got up to Rexburg Saturday but we realized early on we were in trouble. When we left home it was about 100 degrees and climbing on up. When we hit Rexburg it was rainy and about 44 degrees. I was thinking if it was 100 here it would be about 76 there. Wrong! So at least I had a jacket and some long sleeved shirts. Mendis didn't but he didn't really mind.

We decided we wanted to go to Big Judd's for dinner. It was just down the road a bit but Rachel and I saw the weirdest thing as we were driving by. We both said what the heck was that and we drove back to get another look:
The weirdest house ever. It's like a basement with a roof on it. WOW
Pretty redneck!

 So this is the famous Big Judd's. Jeff said Bruce & Nancy live right there somewhere but we weren't sure where.

 It was pretty famous from being on Man vs Food for huge hamburgers. They did have burgers for about $19 that were the size of dinner plates if you wanted them but we weren't up for that. They had huge double burgers and up to 5# burgers. They had a wall of pictures but somehow it didn't seem that fun to me. Burgers that huge are kinda gross with all that cheese slathered on etc. We were excited to check it out but apparently the whole area had the same idea because the place was packed. Seriously crowded. We barely fit in the door to wait well actually Mendis spent the first 15 minutes waiting outside to even get in.

Once we finally got in and seated I got to take a look around. I know they had a super busy day but man this place was filthy. I didn't even want to put my purse down on the floor with the napkin and straw paper trash all around. I just went with it and ordered but I am thinking this may have been my one visit there. The milkshakes were fab but maybe if I got the order to go I could enjoy it more. hahaha
 On the way we passed this Elk Ranch too. Kinda odd to just run into that out in the middle of no where but it was fun to see. We were beat that night so we just drove around and checked the place out most of the time. We love to see houses especially big gorgeous ones so we did lots of that until we ran out of light. So we just visited and had a mellow evening. We even fit in a trip to local grocery store so we could stock up on snacks and treats for our Sunday night game fest.

Sunday we headed to church and enjoyed having Mendis sit down in the crowd with us for once. After church Rachel made us some Tai food. We were so excited for that because we have never had it before and wouldn't have known where to start. She made us some curry and chicken satee. Love it!! It was not hot and spicy at all but just had a sweet yummy flavor. Nice and mild and lots of flavor.

 Jeff seems to be enjoying it. He and Mendis grilled the chicken on their bbq right outside the door but shhh don't tell cause that's against the rules!!

That night we had Rachel's brother Cameron over and his girlfriend. I didn't catch how to spell her name so I won't massacre it but she was really fun. We also picked up Tori and Dreah, my nieces. We all played games all night and ate snacks like crazy. We had a huge sequence game and had alot of fun teasing each other and stuff ourselves with junk food. Tori was especially fun because she had just had oral surgery the day before and was on pain killers!! She got her new braces on that day too..killer. The girls were a blast and I was so glad we got to spend some time with them.
Tori, Dreah, Rachel & Jeff
The next day we went out to breakfast and then all too soon it was time to hit the road again. It was sure fun to visit Jeff & Rachel. We look forward to seeing them again in July when we go to Jackson Hole for a few days. On the way home we stopped in Orem and took Christina to the Brick Oven for dinner. Love that place and it's one of our traditions to hit the buffet. Can't figure out why we can't loose weight hahahahah. It was a great weekend and we loved our little get away. Sure fun to visit with our kids even for a short time.

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Jolynn said...

Sounds like a fun trip, even with the cold! I don't know about Big Judd's........ sounds kinda nasty! Rachel's food sounds better.