Monday, July 2, 2012

Camp & the Hickman Reunion

Girl's camp was a day longer this year for our stake but not for me. I had to work. So Mendis and I went up on Thursday to join in the fun. We were late leaving because Mendis had to look up some parts online for the generator up there. When we finally got on the road we got stuck in the gorge behind a semi that burnt to the ground. We were stuck there for about an hour and a half! When we finally pulled in it was almost dark again! Someday we are going to get there earlier. So we set up our tent and got settled. It was nice and cool up there compared to here so I loved it. Lots of people thought it was too hot but I knew what we had just left behind so I was enjoying the change. We managed to visit almost all the camps which is no small feat because there are so many. We enjoyed watching the girls have fun up there especially on the cope course. It was a blast watching the leaders go down the water slide they made on the hill by the amphitheater. Too messy for me and I didn't want Mendis to trash his knee any worse than it already is. It was a fun girls camp and I am  really glad we made it up there. There were problems as always: a girl passed out and had to be flighted to the hospital when her vitals were eratic in the ambulance. That was pretty nerve racking but I think she is okay now.

The day girls' camp ended was the day of the Hickman family reunion. So although we tried to hustle on home early we were one of the last ones out waiting for the flight helicopter etc. We got home and after a quick shower rushed down to the Old Overton gym for lunch. There was an awesome turnout. Ashley & Benjy and the boys came out from Vegas to meet the family. Mike & Kathy & two of their kids were there. We saw Gary & Karla and their kids, and Clayton and all the Mendis' aunts from the Hickman side. We were really glad we went.

After the Reunion we had a bbq at our house with Charlie and Alisha and Ashley's family. It was a great day.


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