Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 4th

July 4th was different for us this year in away. We never go up to the fair grounds for breakfast and stuff so that was the same. Actually Mendis tried to start that years ago but he never really got many takers from the family to go up there bright and early on a day off so it died out fast. We heard about the free fireworks at the smoke shop again this year and that is a must do now for us. A couple of years ago we went out there when they first got it going and it was a mad house. Complete chaos. It was so much fun though. People were lighting off fireworks everywhere you looked. We even drove over a couple of launch pads by mistake because we couldn't even tell that's what it was. There were so many people lighting off huge fireworks that you couldn't even tell when the official show started because it was mass fireworks. So when it really started people kept on lighting theirs so it was crazy!! Seriously crazy but alot of fun so we were looking forward to it this year.
Last year it was alot more under control and even more so this year. Gone are the days of random fires catching out in the dessert and stuff. What  bummer. It was so under control it wasn't much fun really. There were official launching pads and people were parked in straight lines and everything. Buzz kill. Get this...I even got into trouble because I was doing sparklers in the parking lot with Rees & Cooper. Wow this has changed. So we watched the free show which was great and just went home. It was fun this year to have Ashley & Benjy join us but the grand adventure is so tame now. I am glad we got to witness the few rowdy years because it was hilarious if not a little dangerous.
"The guys" watching from the back of our pickup


Cooper...he was banished to his car for awhile since he wouldn't sit on anyone's lap and wanted to wander off. It was great until he got into the carmel corn and smeared it all over their car.

So this all happened the weekend before the 4th. For the official holiday we went up to Rob & Beth's for a yummy barbeque.  It was a great evening. When we got home we went walking and didn't even feel like going up to the fairgrounds for the fireworks so ..we didn't! Wow what rebels we are. We watched them on our walk and enjoyed them from afar.

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