Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yet Another Awesome Weekend!

This has been such a fun fall for us. Lots of things to be thankful for. Hayden has been looking forward to going through the Temple but it's been a challenge to find a time to do it with his football schedule. We got thinking and decided his best shot would be to go after a home football game since he usually has that evening free. So the date was set for Nov 5. We figured we could go to his game, have dinner and go to the Temple that evening.

Nov 5 was actually his last home game as well. Jeff made an huge effort and drove all the way down from BYUI to be there for Hayden's big weekend. So Jeff and Rachel drove all the way on Friday after their classes.
Sat they got in a quick 4wheeler ride out in the desert before we left about 10:30 for Hayden's game. So we knew it would be chilly that day but I wasn't prepared for freezing to death. So I went down to the concessions and bought lots of hot chocolate, a new hoodie and a big blanket to help us survive the day. I should have bought 2 blankets so we could sit on one instead of the freezing cold metal seats!!
The Bradfords made it up for Hayden's game so he got a picture with 2 of the kids after. They went to 2 games this fall...what troupers hahah i mean troopers! The bummer was they lost the game...again.
After the game we decided to go to Players to eat so we could watch some football games while we ate. That's where we meet up with Ashley and Benjy and their boys. Benjy had gotten off work about 12 and they drove straight down. We didn't think they would make it in time to eat but they got there no problem.
Here is the back of Cooper's head. He was bored with us and wanted to check out everyone else. We thought it was hilarious that he completely ignored all of us. He is not a fan of strangers!! So after dinner they dropped the boys off to Kami Jensen who was the babysitter extraordinaire. This was the first babysitter for Cooper so I know Ashley was worried but all was well as far as we know!
We met up with lots of Coopers at the Temple. Grandpa was there and Stacey & Terri, Charlie & Alisha, Beth & Rob, even the Bishop made it and Jeff & Shelie and the Batchelors! We had a wonderful night at the Temple!!
Our silly GQ pose!
After the Temple we decided we needed some ice cream so we headed to Iceburg for treats. We got fed and had fun being even sillier...
Stacey giving us a great pose and Hayden being cool!
Trying to cram in for a picture...it didn't work!
Jeff and his girlfriend Rachel. We had so much fun getting to know her better. We liked her even more than the pumpkin shakes which is no small feat!
A great shot of Ashley & Benjy!
It was a great weekend that went screaming by all to fast. We missed Christina and Grandma. We just all need to get together more often somehow. We are soooo glad Jeff made it because we just found out he can't come home for Thanksgiving :(....such is the life with a job I guess. We are looking forward to everyone making it back for Christmas...we'll keep our fingers crossed. So Rachel you are invited too of course!


Jolynn said...

Looks like a fun weekend, sorry I missed it. But I'm glad Jeff (my Jeff....well yours too.) got to be there. We do think the world of Hayden, and your whole family, of course.

Vicki said...

Congratulations to Hayden...love that kid :)

Ashley said...

That was a great trip!