Saturday, November 12, 2011

The State Champ Banner

They unveiled the 2011 Basketball Championship Banner this year at homecoming. They brought down the kids who played on that team during the assembly. Hayden was excited to hurry home for the event. He made it back to the valley just a few minutes before Christina and I did even.
Everyone was excited to see the banner and get it up on the gym wall. Here's Coach Larsen saying a few words about how exciting it was and still is!
Here is Donna Swanson uncovering the banner. Drum roll!
It looks pretty good to see it up there. That was quite a dry spell.
Hayden and his friends enjoying the moment. I think we can safely say that Larsen is a friend!
Congrats boys that was such a fun game and it was awesome to be reminded about how hard work and never giving up can pay off...

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Vicki said...

Hey Deb! Thanks for sharing your new fitness pal. I am on track and have lost about three pounds in the last week!! I LOVE that website!