Sunday, November 27, 2011

Playing with the Grandsons

It was so fun to play with the boys while they were here. They stuck around for a few days after Hayden went through the Temple so we had lots of time...
Cooper really enjoyed playing in the cupboard that has the glass in it. Wouldn't you know that's his favorite. Either this one or the one with the soap and soft scrub so he can suck on the bleach around the lid!!
Rees riding on Uncle Charlie
We took the boys to the park one afternoon. They had a blast running around and checking things out.
"Hey Ashley you are blocking my picture". Luckily Cooper didn't get a slide burn on his face!
Rees sliding like a pro.
Cooper absolutely loves to swing. We should have guess this since he insisted on sleeping in his swing for months and months of his life! He laughed and laughed. Most kids that age are scared ( well mine were anyway). Nope it's his favorite.


Jolynn said...

They are so cute! I can't believe how big Cooper is now. He is so cute in that swing. And Rees looks so much like a Cooper he could be a twin to Jeff or Hayden when they were that age.

Ashley said...

My kids are maniacs :)