Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rees' Primary Program

Oct 23 was a super fun day for us. This was Reeses Primary Program and we decided we just had to go. Their ward starts at 10 am so it was a pretty early morning for us. We had to be on the road by 6am. Being the morning person that I am that was killer. No big deal for Mendis as that's just a typical Sunday am. So I did what anyone would do...sleep most of the way up.

Anyhow off we went and got there with a few minutes to spare even. The program was adorable of course. We love the primary program anyway and when your grandson is in it nothing is better than that. They herded all the kids up to the front to sing every song which was the most entertaining part. Rees didn't disappoint. One time he was leaning over the edge of the stand there and hanging his tie over and swinging it. That was Mendis' favorite. My personal favorite was when he eased the little girl out of his spot by sliding his elbow over infront of her along teh edge of the stand because she was encroaching on his turf! Loved it. He knew every single song and even sang one of them. He recited his 2 parts to us perfectly before hand and did great with only a little help. That was the thing to do though you can't look cool if you know it perfectly. To this day if you ask him what the scriptures are he will tell you "the word of God"! Awesome. After a yummy dinner we played with the kids for a few hours. Rees shoved his new water bottle in his pocket we brought him. Looked a little uncomfortable to me but it didn't slow him down.
Mendis brought some candy up so we could do Trick or Treat with Rees. Here he is going into the closet so Grandpa can open the door when he knocks.

Displaying his Halloween costume for us!
After his nap Cooper got to run around the house sans clothing...any baby's favorite thing to do.
It's hard to believe how fast this little guy is growing up. He is a total momma's boy. This frustrates Ashley and Benjy who want everyone to get to hold him and play but he prefers his space or mom's arms. Hey I had one just like that so no big deal.
Here he is in HIS drawer. He has claimed it as his own. Adorable!

We had a great visit. It was so fun to see everyone. They are doing great. Their little pink house is really looking nice too.

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Something Special said...

grandkids are the best!!!!! Your little boys are sure cute!