Monday, October 31, 2011

Chris' Fall Break

We were so excited to have Christina come down for her fall break again this year aka deer hunt in Utah. It's a short little break but we'll take it. We tried to make it an action packed one though!I met her in St George Thursday afternoon at the Mazda dealer where it was time for her to get her car serviced. It was fun to catch up with Slater (my cousin) who works there. I feel bad but it seems like it's the only time we get to see him. We went to lunch (Paradise die for) and did some shopping while we waited for her car. She found some awesome black boots! I found a fabulous deal on a Coldwater Creek skirt so we both had a great day bargain shopping.

We pulled into the valley just in time to catch the end of the homecoming parade. We were bummed we missed most of it but the car just wasn't ready in time to make it. We did go to the assembly though and that will be a separate post.

The next day she got to sleep in while I had a hair appointment. That might have been her favorite thing since she doesn't get to do that too much any more. So for the rest of the day we had big plans: We had preparations to do first. I had to break out the hot chocolate and treats. Of course since I am on a diet it was herbal tea and weight watchers scones for me and hot chocolate, scones and mini muffins etc for her. Super Yummy!

According to tradition we break out the quilts. This is a must regardless of the temperature. I have been tempted to lower the temp in the house to do this part. Then we each claim a couch and start the dvd...
We are into season 3 now of this favorite series. We just love watching it together! We watched almost the whole season and only have one left. We are anxiously awaiting the second season of Downton Abbey which is coming out on Masterpiece in January!! So we spent the majority of the time watching and had so much fun that we actually skipped the homecoming football game that night to keep watching.We felt a little naughty not going but them's the breaks. Hayden was pretty put out with us!

The next morning we headed back to St George to go to Hayden's football game. We had fun watching and cheering on the Red Storm. Hayden's friends came up to watch the game so after the game we all went to In n Out Burger to eat. Man did it ever taste good since it had been so long since we've had fast food!!
After the game Christina needed to head back to Pleasant Grove since she had to teach the RS lesson the next day and wanted to get ready for that. So it was a quick trip for her but we had a great time. I only wish she could make it home more often but we'll take what we can get.

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