Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let me just say "Weight Watcher's food ROCKS"! Now to explain...Mendis and I have joined a very cool site called My Fitness Pal. He actually signed up before me but got me involved about a month or so ago. We both decided it was time to get healthy and loose some weight. {We have to be slim and trim before we go on our cruise and pack it all on.}

I was just counting calories and trying to walk a couple nights a week and after over a month I had lost not much. Mendis was doing way way better. He suggested I try this website out and low and behold it is genius! Did I mention it is free?

You simply enter your food in for the day and your exercise. It does all your calculations for you and gives you back some calories after you exercise etc. Well come to find out I have been eating way too many calories. That should have been obvious but no it wasn't' for me. This got me on track and now I am cruising! When I hit my first goal of 10 pounds I added my button to the blog! I only have about 12 more to go! I am so excited about this and recommend it to everyone. They have a super data base that has just about everything in it. If I had a smart phone I could just scan labels in and be done. Now Mendis is using his smart phone for both of us. The capstone of all this is the Weight Watchers cookbooks I bought last year. They are amazing. Really fabulous food with a decent calorie count so I don't feel deprived at all. I can even have some chocolate when necessary for my sanity.

By the way kudos to Mendis who has lost 32 pounds to date!! He is doing sooo well.

My photo above was just another awesome dinner I whipped up thanks to Weight Watchers!!

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Something Special said...

Thanks for the idea, I will look into it. I am trying to shed some unwanted pounds also, but I don't have a cruise to look forward to. Way to go though and good luck and happy sailing!