Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Credit Union

I got thinking tonight I should mention that I am on the Credit Union Supervisory Committee these days. The coolest thing really. It all happened pretty fast. I was thinking it would take awhile and maybe it would be after I finished up my time on the Boosters Board but nope that's not how it worked out. So a little overlap here and there and here I am.
Here's my philosophy: Everyone should volunteer to do something somewhere for the community. Let's face it Mendis is tapped so it is up to me to represent. I have served on the Little League board and the Boosters so this is a stretch for me. Everyone has been super nice to me and made me feel at home from the start. It's alot to take in right now but I am excited to do this. I need to dust off all the financial training from BYU years ago that's for sure. It's been a few months already and I am sure some people are wondering what I am doing there but I think it's cool.

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