Monday, February 28, 2011

Hayden and the Pirates Take State!

I like that headline. Well it was a tense couple of weekends but they pulled it off. The division tournament was crazy enough but that was just the beginning. The Pirates beat Boulder City in the first round 74-56. That was such a fun game even though BC played us tough at times. I loved that every single player got in the game even the jv kids that got brought up. I love that since they all work hard.
The game Sat might was pretty intense. Winner take all and Virgin Valley expected that would be them. They thought wrong. We won 47-37. We were so excited Christina could make it down for this game. Even Grandpa and Grandma were there after Grandma has her skin cancer surgery and everything. They are always so supportive going to everything they can.
Here is the team with their Division plaque. Awesome but not the big prize...yet.. Friday night they had to beat South Tahoe at the Orleans. I think they were pretty nervous but probably not as nervous as the rest of us. (Course Mendis claims he was never nervous.) They had a great lead but Tahoe wittled it down to nothing. We went to overtime! Thank goodness we picked it up and won 72-64 after a nail biting game.
Saturday was the big one -the state championships against Lawry.I know this picture looks strange but I think it's cool. The starting lineups were in the dark with the music and light fun.

We were down by 14 points in the 3rd quarter. Talk about grueling. I had no finger nails left to bite. Hayden really turned it on and started the rally that brought them back and up by 12 points to win the game. It was incredible, quite possibly his best game ever. He tore it up! He wasn't alone with all his teammates rising to the occasion. Seriously amazing. They were pressing the other team, stealing the ball, running back and forth and making shots like crazy. I guess you had to be there!! It was so fun that Jeff was here all the way from Idaho to see his brother take state. Ashley came with her two little boys to help cheer them on. Grandpa & Grandma Cooper were there of course and Charlie & Alisha and Rob & Beth and all their kids! What a party. We have some cool pictures coming and I will share.
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