Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Money Epiphany

So I was killing time in the Dr office reading a magazine and I read a way cool article on spending money. There was a woman that was raised poor but is now very wealthy. Everything she owned in her home was something that she loved. Not just liked but loved. Here's how she did it.

1. Spend Top Dollar on items that you really need and really love.
2. Spend bottom dollar on items that you really need but don't really love.
3. Remaining dollar items should be items you don't really need but really love.
4. Spend no money on items you don't really need and don't really love.

So simple but so cool. I always end up buying things because they are a great deal and I just make do with them. Usually that means I end up not liking them very much in no time. SO stop agonizing over items I need and love and just get it if I can afford it. Shop around to get the best deals on things you have to have like insurance etc. Save some money for stuff I really love and stop spending money on stuff just cause it's on sale!!

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Jolynn said...

Wow. How brilliant. I wonder if we could really do it, or will we just fall back into the old habit of "it's cheap, and it fits, so I guess I'll buy it"........
I am going to give it a try though. I've always felt we should only surround ourselves with stuff we truly love.