Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the winner is...

...Dixie State College.

Wait maybe Hayden is the winner here. After a fun couple of months getting phone calls from here to New York and many points in between Hayden has decided to play football for Dixie. He had some great choices and it was down to Mesa or Dixie but he decided to go to Dixie. We couldn't be happier for him. He has put alot of hard work into this over alot of years. It's hard to believe just yesterday he was drawing up football plays with Casen and Kelan on the kindergarten playground. They even had a draft in elementary school for pete's sake. He always had the dream of playing college ball and now he gets his chance. He will play this fall then go on his mission as soon as the season ends. A big shout out to all his coaches and everyone who had helped him along the way.
Here he is signing his athletic scholarship. He finds out tomorrow if he got an academic scholarship too. Sweet.

Haydo you are a rock star!

Check out his offensive highlights on you tube:

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Jolynn said...

Yay for Hayden!!! He deserves it. We'll all be cheering for him next year.