Saturday, January 29, 2011

Official Visit

Well Hayden has had a pretty exciting past couple of weeks. Mendis made a cool highlight video from his football highlights and they sent them off to some colleges. He's had a couple of calls since then from college coaches. That's pretty cool getting calls from college coaches! One of his favorites is Mesa Community College but they can't give him a scholarship his first year since he is not an Arizona resident. He really likes the idea of going to a junior college though. He hasn't heard much back from Snow lately which is a bummer because he really liked it there. They just got a new head coach and according to some other parents they haven't heard from them either since the change over. He got a call from St Mary's in Kansas this week too and a JC in California.The big surprise was the call from Dixie State a couple of weeks ago. Actually he is there right now on an official visit. He is spending the whole day today. They are going to dinner tonight and a bball game. Tomorrow he visits with the coaches so he is really anxious to hear what they can offer him. It would be fun to have him close to home so we could go to all his games but really we would get to as many as possible no matter where he played. Looks like we might be making an visit to Mesa soon so he can compare. So we will see what happens. He might still like the idea of BYU walkon too so who knows. Will we need to invest in red gear or what color?

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