Monday, January 3, 2011

Atta Boy Jeff

You all know Jeff is busy going to school at BYUI. Well apparently they give you scholarships for good grades even after you start attending school there. Jeff slaved away and pulled it off. After his first 2 semesters he has qualified for free tuition for Spring...100% PAID!!
We are so excited for him. Once in awhile the hard work pays off. So here's hoping he can keep it going. That's alot of work to mix in with the fun he is having up there. Maybe since the weather is so hideous this semester he will have lots of study time while he is snow bound. Way to go Jeff...our first scholarship in the family. We couldn't be prouder.


Vicki said...

Good for him! This is what we are hoping for with Michaela. No working, just working hard on her grades. Then hopefully she will get a nice scholarship gift too. That's how kids are able to get through school up there, letting the school pay for it.
What a good looking boy! He sure is a Cooper!! Looks like Mendis to me...

Jolynn said...

Yay! That is awesome. Good job Jeff!