Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not the Waffle Iron!!

During the Christmas Break disaster struck...the waffle iron quit working. Right in the middle of cooking too I might add. Mendis is always making waffles for breakfast so whenever the kids are home they can count on at least 1 waffle breakfast. Lucky for all of us I got 2 crock pots for Christmas so I quickly traded one in and got a new waffle iron so the tradition lives on...whew.
So in my defense of the cooked breakfast thing here let me explain my view. Yes Mendis is usually the one who cooks breakfast because I prefer cold cereal. Really I do. WAY less fattening and after 28 years + of cooking I can't get real excited about rustling up yet another meal. Also I don't care for milk so I like to have cereal so I get some milk in my diet somewhere. Either cold or hot but cold is easier. If not cereal I love yogurt and fruit so as a result Mendis can usually be found making breakfast. He's not such a fan of the breakfast I like. Win win


Vicki said...

One of the best things I've ever bought...the Waring waffle iron from Costco. It makes Belgian waffles (yum). I usually have something else, but they are really good. Thumbs up for the modern way of doing things!!
(waffle irons deserve funerals too, I guess)

Jolynn said...

I'm with you totally on the breakfast thing. I rarely cook breakfast anymore. I also prefer yogurt and fruit. And I LOVE cold cereal! Jeff, not so much. I'm glad you posted about this because I actually forgot I own a waffel maker!!! We need to have them once in awhile.