Friday, December 10, 2010

THE Cruise!! UPDATED Pics

The big day finally came. Mendis and Jeff and I flew out to Orlando to celebrate Mom & Dad's anniversary with the whole fam on a cruise. We were pretty darn excited. It would have been lots more fun if the rest of our family could have come with us but we made the best of it. Here we were setting sail for the big adventure!

We sat in the same section of the dining room so all 20 of us could be together for dinner. Thank goodness we did or we wouldn't have seen much of the rest of the family. Here is mom really getting into the song during dinner. Now you must understand we were all flinging our napkins around but only she is in the picture having fun. Hey Carolyn & poopers. Dad's got a menu he's busy.

The water was just gorgeous. The pictures hardly do it justice. The blues and greens were amazing but don't let it fool was cold.

We hung out with mom and dad. You can see we wore them out!

After the siesta we did a walk around the private island we were on for the day. It was called Coco Kay. It was a blast. So relaxing. There was a BBQ for lunch. We loved this part of the island and wished we had found it sooner.

Here we are on the nature trail. Very lush!

Mendis and Jeff went Kayaking. Looked like they had fun. We so regret not getting jet ski's for them but we thought we would spend more money in Nassau the next day. Darn it.

Mom and Dad got a paddle boat. Mendis and Jeff thought it would be fun to pretend to ram them with their kayak. I don't know if it was that or the angle they had to sit in that made it a very short trip for them.

Here's our boat:

That night was the "Anniversary Party" at dinner. We all dressed up which was perfect because it was formal night too. I gave a little blurb about a roll of pennies. 50 pennies some shiny and bright some sort of looking like they had been through all kinds of stuff and how that was alot like marriage. Every year had memories and they all added up to 50 cents no matter what they looked like. Of course I got choked up and couldn't do it justice.Oh well. Here they are looking at the picture book I compiled for them of all their years and our family through the years.

The whole gang:The "Original" Davy Fam

Here is Nassau from the top of a hill by the Governor's Mansion. There's Atlantis the big resort in the background. We didn't get to it so now we have something to do if we go back!
Poor mom and dad we drug them all over town with us that day. They were troopers. We loved the queen's steps but it was quite a hike up all the steps to the fort. I was sucking air.
This is a cool picture not only because that's Jeff down there looking over the fort wall but you can see all the cruise ships in the port for the day. There must have been 10,000 tourists there with us apparently. I couldn't tell where they all were hiding!

We had conk fritters for lunch. It was a pricey meal but we were so glad we did it instead of going back to the ship or doing something we could just do at home. Wish I could have tried them but they are shell fish so I stayed clear. Didn't know where the hospitals were and didn't want to find out.We did lots of shopping but didn't find the best shops until just before they closed. Loved them. Wish we had more time and that I had lots more money. We had a lovely carriage ride around the town that night before we went back to dinner compliments of mom and dad.

I like this pic of Nassau that night just before we left port at midnight:

We tried to not eat a ton for dinner to save room for the midnight buffet the last night. It was a good theory. We just ate lots twice. The Midnight buffet:We went to the show that night before dinner too and we enjoyed that. Here's the party going on during the midnight buffet. Believe it or not it was the first time we were poolside the whole time. I didn't think mom and dad were poolside folk.

It was a very cool trip. We loved our first cruise and would definitely go again. Didn't see much of some of my family which was a bummer since we don't see each other much anyway but I think everyone had fun.

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