Friday, December 24, 2010

Gingerbread Challenge of the World!

Every year on Christmas Eve we have the Gingerbread championship of the world. It started as a way to keep the kids entertained while I made dinner etc and has grown to a full blown day long event. All the kids and I make our own so we have a whole village by the time we are finished. Over the years we have had a train and train station, walmart, churches, castles, Australian home, igloo, you name it. Last year we had a chocolate bell everyone had to incorporate into their designs so we need to do that again next year.
What a dang mess:
The trash talking usually starts days ahead of time and gets heated by the time we are done. Some people (Hayden) take it pretty seriously. This year Hayden did another football stadium. He spent hours getting everything just so. Jeff made a castle with tons and tons of candy. Christina made a Mediterranean villa. I stuck with a traditional house. The humidity was not our friend this year because things started collapsing early on. Even the graham crackers got soft by that night. Hayden was pretty torn up when the humidity made the tootsie roll supports collapse on the stadium. We were just hoping everything would make it to the annual gingerbread house shooting fest. Every year on New Year's Day we take them all out to the hills and shoot them up. We get 22's and rifles going until there is nothing left. Way more fun than just pitching them in the trash.

Hayden's Pirate Stadium:
Christina's Villa:
Jeff's Castle:
My house:


Vicki said...

Some people's traditions....and I thought Hayden was only competitive on the field, court, or whatever! Landon thought his stadium was pretty "sweet"! And it sounds like a "guys" idea to go blow them up!!

Jolynn said...

But I didn't see a house made by Mendis......what's the deal? We didn't make ours this year for some reason. And I really want to try shooting them like you guys do, so we'll have to do them next year.