Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trip to Canada Part 3

Stampede Day!!
Or so we thought.Here we are riding the train downtown for the big day at the Stampede all full of excitement. Yes it was freezing so mom outfitted Christina and I in some appropriate clothes complete with mom and dad's nice warm jackets. We were set we thought.

The rain had already started but was off and on. But we thought we would be clever and head for the buildings and do the exhibitors etc until we absolutely had to brave the weather that night. Well it was warm and dry but I kept spending money!! I bought some lovely earrings for my birthday so that was fun. We strolled around until we had seen pretty much everything there was to see inside. It's hard to see but the quilts hanging on the side were lovely.

In the above photo the cowboy on the left of us there was one of those living statues that's why he looks so bronze.
We strolled through the animal barns. It was so cold the miniature horses were covered up to keep warm. Thought about swiping one of those blankets a few times. You should not be able to see your breath in the middle of a summer day. Mendis told me I could warm up and dry out next week when I got home so yup he was right again...dang it.

So time to head for the stadium and grab dinner on the way. We headed for hot chocolate immediately and it was so great. I didn't care how much it cost I was going to have hot chocolate and lots of it. You can see by the crowds we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Well as luck would have it we got the news that for the first time in 85 years the Chuck wagon races were rained out. We were just sick. We had an itinerary to keep, schedule to maintain and this wasn't what we had in mind. Luckily after waiting for ever in a line we were able to procure tickets to the same events the next night. Again trashed the schedule but we adapted.

We decided to just head out and went to Uncle Ricky's and Aunt Jane's for the night. We were sad and still freezing so Ricky built us a lovely fire. They read us some of Tyler's letter's from his mission that night as we sat around the fireplace. Quite lovely and we were pretty dog tired by then. We had a lovely Breakfast with all the fixins and headed out for our impromptu trip to kill time before the stampede...

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Jolynn said...

Wow, what a day. I hate being cold, especially in the summer. I loved the chuck wagon races, so I'm sure you were so disappointed. Now I am waiting with baited breath to see if you got to see them the next night!!!