Friday, August 6, 2010

Canada Part 4

We spent the day going to Banff National Park since we couldn't head back home as planned. We had a lovely drive through Canonaskiss (sp) park to get there. It's only open about 6-8 weeks every summer so the timing was right. We didn't think to bring snacks so we got a little silly with the little bit we had. Here's my creation with my baby belle cheese. Sometime in the afternoon we pulled into a little store and loaded up on snacks and treats. They saved us from loosing it. Not weight but just our sanity from starvation.
We spotted these lovely animals in a couple of places. They were right up by the car which is absolutely amazing!

It cost a small fortune to get into the park of course but my theme for the trip was " who cares, let's do it"

We made a quick tour of the little town of Banff. So quaint. Loved it and we wish we had more time to stop and explore.

The scenery was amazing. The pictures don't do it justice of course. I wish I could fit more on here but this is a quick smattering of the views:

This is one of the many animal crossings in the park so they are protected from the cars. Very Banff!

We drove up to Lake Moraine. I have never been there before and it was gorgeous. There was no parking what so ever so mom and dad dropped Chris and I off to take pictures while they waited in the car.
Beautiful Lake Louise. Again no parking so we got dropped off while we ran in to get photos. We ran to the hotel so we could go to the bathroom and snuck some photos there too.

Back to Calgary that afternoon and off we went to the Stampede finally. The chuckwagon races were so much fun. We had a blast. The show after the races was super fun too. It was a great time.

This is from the show. The drummer is way, way up in the air hanging by ropes. They kept doing that all night long just to make me nervous!
Here's some of the finale!

We headed for home directly after the show and got back about 3:30 in the morning. No one was allowed to sleep we we told stories all the way back to try and stay awake. It was nice but man were we tired by the time we staggered in.

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