Saturday, August 28, 2010

Park City Vaca

This vacation was all about just getting away and relaxing for a change! We wanted some place we didn't have to fly to and someplace cooler than 115 degrees. So we picked Park City Utah and we couldn't have been happier.We started off with our boys and one of Hayden's friends, H. Geoff Hilton for the first couple of days. They could only stay 2 days so they could get home and go to football bootcamp. So we packed in the action and tried to keep them busy. Christina drove up from Provo so that made it even more fun. Our first full day we visited the Olympic Park where they did the ski jumping, bobsled etc. It was amazing to see it in person. You can see the bobsled run behind Hayden. For a mere $60 you could ride down it once. It was tempting We spent enough on the ziplines and alpine slide thanks.

What a team.

The ski jumps were so high it was amazing. I can't picture jumping off those suckers for any amount of money. To the left you can see the ziplines that the 3 boys went down.

I was actually brave enough to go down the smaller zipline with the guys. It was actually quite fun after you get over the initial terror.

Then all 6 of us headed back up the mountain and rode the alpine slide. It was pretty tough talking Christina into it but she did it. In fact she had a ball. We all decided it was worth the extra $45 and we went on it a second time!
Here's all four guys in one shot heading back up to the top. Hayden looks much more relaxed than he was on his first trip up!

Ready to get sliding:
Not sure what Jeff is up to here.

Hayden is out of the chute and Jeff is waiting for his green light to blast down.

After all the fun we went back to the condo to relax and play. It was just beautiful there. To the left there are 7 hot tubs hidden amongst the trees. Hayden and Geoff tried the action there but nothing but adults the night they were there.

We fought off all the little kids and got a little ping pong and chess in. The pool tables was really stiff competition. We had played 1 game of pool and while we were deciding whose was playing next kids swooped in and stole our table so we quit for the night.
Notice the balmy weather we were having as we played around outside...perfect.

Christina and I had great fun after the boys left. We curled up and watched movies for a couple of nights. We went shopping and watched lots of HGTV. Mendis and I managed to work out pretty much everyday. I had illusions of going hiking but the altitude was too killer for me to do any of that. We found lots of great food up there too. AND...surprise surprise, Charlie, Alisha and Allie were up there for a couple of days too so we had dinner together one night at this great little BBQ place they found. Awesome!

We felt like we had a fabulous time that week. Mendis and I spent a day in the genealogy library once. We drove to Provo and watched the BYU football scrimmage. We went to Heaps and had lots of fun. Christina was able to come up every night but one so we spent lots of time with her too. We met Christina's friend Sherman and we played games and had pizza with Laura and Rachel Nettles too. Seriously I don't know how we did it all and relax too looking back but it was one of our favorite vacations ever. We even managed to turn a 6 hour drive home into about 9 by taking the back way on hwy 89. Ahhh life is good. Back to the grind!

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Jolynn said...

That sounds really fun. I didn't know there was so much to do there. I'm glad you were able to get out of the heat for a few days.