Saturday, August 7, 2010

Canada Part 5

Guess I better wrap this up or people are going to loose interest! While we were in Canada my boss called me and said he was going to be closing the office for a couple more days while he and his wife flew to San Francisco to surprise his son who was coming home from his mission in Taiwan. So we stayed an extra day in Canada then figured we better get going. Love this picture of the typical scenery on our way home.We thought it was pretty clever that they bail up the grass between the highway. Watching them cut it is pretty fun too. Wish we had that kinda grass between the roads down here in Nevada.

We stopped in Rexburg and visited Jeff. Believe it or not I have never been there. What a cute little college town. We toured the campus which was pretty amazing. It was huge, especially when you are walking it. Lots of up hill too. They have this amazing garden in the center of campus. It was just beautiful. Jeff showed us where they played sardines and stuff like that while trying not to destroy the garden! There are waterfalls and gazebos everywhere...very charming.
Jeff lives pretty close to the temple. My final photo of the trip:
Well we hit the rode the next day and made it to Pleasant Grove in no time. We had Laura over and went to dinner and watched movies in Christina's bedroom. It was so fun. We all stretched out on her bed and watched a chic flick. That was a tradition that we started on the trip. We started going to bed and watching a movie on her computer. Pride and Prejudice was my favorite. The next day I made the final drive home. The temps went up steadily as I motored along but it was good to be home. It was a very fun little adventure. I highly recommend packing up just one of your kids and hitting the road for your very own trip.

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