Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well lets just say my photographic skills aren't getting any better. Help Megan!! I just can't take a good indoor action shot to save my life. But anyway this is supposed to be about Hayden.

Hayden spent almost everyday or at least 3 times a week running into Vegas to play basketball on his AAU team this summer. The gas bill was enormous. Basically it cost a fortune and a ton of time. He had a good experience but we are still trying to decide if it was really worth it. College coaches claim it breeds players who are selfish and all about offense with very little defence and I have to say I agree. Most players were great guys but a many especially on opposing teams left little to be desired.

Hayden made some great friends and learned to deal with alot of situations. He learned to play with the best of them but it was more frustration than anything at times. It's hard to take kids from different schools and different commitments to practice and have then work as a team consistently especially with college coaches looking on. We'll see if it all pays off this year on his high school team. It was awesome that Coach Larsen and Coach Bushman came out to see him play in his last tournament. It meant alot to him and us.

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