Saturday, November 19, 2016

We've Discovered Pickle Ball

Hayden & Megan have been talking all about this new game they have been playing well since they were dating so I guess it's not that new. Ok new to us! So we finally got a chance to go to St George and watch them play in a tournament. It was pretty bright and early but it was a beautiful morning to go up. Hayden and Porter had played in a men's doubles the night before and taken Bronze and Megan & Erica had taken Silver in women's double! They played in a mixed doubles tourney and we were so excited to cheer them on. I'm not sure what I expected but it was amazing. It looked so fun! It's hard to describe. A small racketball size court with a wiffle type ball and a paddle not a racket. We were enthralled. So guess what we did. Went out and bought the stuff. We are going to play some pickle ball at Thanksgiving! We might suck but it looks like fun.
These two have inspired us to give it a try. 
Mendis was even brave enough to try it that day. I was too chicken that someone would see me!
After the tournament was over (they got knocked out on a bad call!!) we all went to lunch to celebrate a good day. We took Porter & Erica and his brother and girlfriend with us because now we were all fast friends. Meeting them finally was another highlight. I see now why they are such great friends. A really fun day day.

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