Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Tuesday

We crammed so much in this weekend I have to break it all down by day so I can fit it all in. Tuesday afternoon we went to the airport to pick up Jeff & Rachel. They were supposed to be 2 hours apart with Jeff arriving first but he had a big delay on the tarmac and Rachel actually beat him in by about 1/2 hour. We ran to Inn & Out and then hurried home so we could go back to Moapa and see the boys flag football game. It was supposed to be a big surprise to be bringing them both because as far as anyone else knew Rachel wasn't supposed to be coming until Thanksgiving day. Well someone let the cat out of the bag and everyone found out but the boys. Christina also met us up in Moapa so it was a great reunion on the flag football fields. It was cold though but a fun, fun night.

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