Monday, November 28, 2016

Pickle Ball Party

We ordered our own pickle ball equipment and it got here just in time for Thanksgiving. Thank goodness because we had some fun planned.
 We went down to the middle school tennis courts because they had the fewest big cracks and laid out a pickle ball court using the last of our blue painters tape.
 We all took turns sitting out for a bit because there were 7 of us.
Basically we are not professional at this by any means but it sure was fun. I can't believe how bad I really am but it didn't matter it was still fun. After our pickle ball party it was time to head out. Now it was time to say goodbye to Christina who decided she better get back to Provo and beat the storm coming. Then we drove in to Vegas with 2 cars because there were 6 of us and went to Panda Express before going to a movie. Hayden and Megan had never been to a luxury theater so we went to the one in Henderson. We saw Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them together. Not my fave but it was still fun to go together. Right after the movie we headed over to the airport and had to drop Jeff and Rachel off for their red eye flight home. We didn't envy them one bit. Over night flights are so miserable! So then it was 4. By the time we got home it was straight to bed. After church the next morning it was time for Hayden & Megan to go home as well. I don't know if stretching out the good byes is better or worse but they were all gone in the twinkling of an eye. Thank goodness Ashley's family are still in Logandale and haven't left us! It was a super fun holiday. We tried to pull out all the stops because we knew we weren't going to be seeing Jeff & Rachel at Christmas. We partied hard then before we knew it it was time to start getting ready for Christmas!!

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