Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Nellis Air Show

 This is the year we finally made it back to the air show at Nellis Air Force Base. Last time Hayden was in a stroller and now he's married so yea it's been a few years. We spent almost an hour in line just to get the shuttle bus in but we were completely entertained by the race track beside us and the planes above us.
 It was fun checking out all the planes they had set up for everyone to see. There was just a ton of people of course so we didn't get to some of the most crowded things like the cockpits but the boys were happy with what we did see.
When it was time to see the actual sir show there was no place to sit and we didn't haul in chairs so we did what everyone around us did and just plopped right down on the tarmac.
 Of course while we were all mesmerized by the jets, Cooper was busy  playing with his own little plane. Pretty much the entire time!
 We knew the Thunderbirds would be amazing but WOW. They were really great. We loved the day on the base and celebrated by a trip to Memphis BBQ after.

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