Monday, May 4, 2015

Washington DC Bound

Our day started bright and early since we left the house at 5am. I never enjoy that part but it must be done.
 I just first take a minute to pause and have you notice my seat number. I have never ever been first on a plane ever!! And I probably never will again. How cool is that. We flew into Reagan airport which was actually the same price as the other airports. So Jeff & Rachel picked us up right at the curb and took us to their apartment. It is so cute. They have it setup perfectly. Rachel had cooked us dinner and we hung out for a bit then they drove us downtown to our hotel that night. I can't really mention Mendis in the blog for Mesquite reasons haha so know he was in meetings Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday he had appointments set up with the Senators and Reps from the state. Jeff and I went with him Monday to his conference. Then Jeff went with him to the rest of his meetings and all of his appointments. Jeff may not have loved it but Mendis loved having him there.

 I love those big windows at the end of the halls in Rachel's office building. So stately.
 We took Jeff & Rachel and had lunch down at the bottom of Union Station at the food court on Monday. We all just went and got what we wanted and ate together! Mendis and I went to Bo Jangles and got some excellent fried chicken.
It's a pretty central location so that worked out great.
 John F Kennedy's office from when he was a senator.

 There is a rotunda there in the Harmon building. Apparently that's where the Senator's do most of their interviews for the media. Who knew? I always thought they were at the capital. So after lunch we headed back to the conference for the afternoon. t about 3:30 I told dad if we were going to make the 4:00 tour at the bureau of engraving we either had to leave him or get going. We ran out of there hoping to use uber so we could get there on time. I was excited to try it but there was no cell service. So we grabbed a cab and got there just in the neck of time.
The Bureau of Printing and Engraving was really cool. That's where they print all the paper money. It was amazing to see it being so fast and the process they go through. Quite fascinating.

 That night we went back out to Crystal City and had dinner at Nando. Very yummy. One of Jeff's faves.
You live and die by the Metro map
The downtown area. Our home away from home.

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