Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tour Day

This morning we got up and headed straight to our White House tour. We met up with Jeff there and headed in just in time. It had the best security we had seen all week. Everywhere else was kind of a joke really. Not here. After all the security we headed in for our self guided tour. We loved it. The rooms are so pretty. I was surprised how small it seemed though.

Of course you can't take any pictures inside so I copied a few from online.
It was an amazing tour and probably my favorite. Right after our tour we went back to our room and we packed up and checked out and switched hotels because business was over. We had quite the haul with all our suitcases on the Metro down to Crystal City. We grabbed lunch there at Chick Fil A. What was amazing was the line was constantly out the door. I have never seen a fast food restaurnat so busy non stop. After lunch we headed straight to the Pentagon for our tour there. We had to be there an hour early which was annoying (as JEff would say) but we spent the time shopping in the gift shop and anticipating a fun day. The bummer was you had to keep moving the whole time and there were lots of interesting exhibits in the halls to see that there wasn't time for. 
It's probably not a tour would would do again but we were glad we got to see it.

 So after a fun day we met up with Rachel for dinner. We headed over to Union Station and went to Chopped which was all salads and so hit the spot!

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