Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our Last Full Day in DC

We headed over to the Smithsonian so we could check out a museum we hadn't seen before. We went to the Natural History museum this time. We checked out the bottom floor which had all the animal exhibits and the ocean. We were running out of time fast we we headed upstairs and went to the Minerals section. I finally got to see the Hope Diamond!

 All the other "minerals" were pretty impressive. Around noon we met up with Jeff on the Mall and staked out our claim on some grass to watch the air show. There was a World War 2 airplane flyover that day to commemorate the 70th anniversary.
Jeff went in search of Rachel so she could join us. They closed all the offices for the flyover so that was pretty cool.

 While we thought the flyover was a really special thing it was frustrating because they didn't actually fly over the Mall like they said they would. That made all the planes pretty far away and hard to really see. After we had lunch for the last time at Union Station (Potbellies & Shake Shack for dessert) Rachel went back to the office and we headed over to the Holocaust Museum. We had gotten tickets to the main exhibit first thing that morning so we would be sure to get in this time.

 The walls of pictures of the Jews from one town that were killed was awful. Putting a face to the name was amazing and much more personal. Then they had the room of shoes collected from the gas chambers from some of the victims.
 While the museum is pretty depressing it is a must see for everyone I think. We were going to all go to the Temple that night together. Rachel got off at four and everything but we didn't get out of the museum until after 6 so we couldn't make it in time. We went back to Jeff & Rachel's apartment and ordered pizza and played Ticket to Ride instead. Next time we are in town we will have to do the Temple.
 We always love to ride the Metro when we are in DC. It is so much easier than trying to drive around the city. There are stops close to everywhere we want to go pretty much. By the end of the week I was pretty good at getting around by myself. Saturday we and breakfast with Jeff & Rachel and took the Metro to the airport. It was so sad to leave them behind. We missed being with them instantly. We are going back in August but that seems so far away.

 After we got to Vegas we went to Maggiano's for dinner for Mother's Day. I heard they were having triple creme brulet and we had to check that out.
It did not disappoint. I happy ending to a wonderful trip! Can't wait until August.

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