Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sister's Retreat cont....

 Shocking to know we slept in Saturday! We stayed up late laughing and it's probably a miracle we went to bed at all. So the next day we got up at the crack of noon. With our sunburns blooming and killing us we sadly cancelled our massages than had a whole afternoon to fill. As tempting as it was to go back down to the beach we opted for a drive up the coast to see the sights. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and didn't even get lost once. We told funny stories and caught up some more on our goings on.

The old taking a picture of taking a picture trick.
 We saw this pirate theme beach house that I just had to have a picture of. Someone went to alot of work to get this so over the top!
We were deeply saddened that this bakery was closed since it must have been at least an hour since we had eaten anything yummy.
 So Carolyn told us a hilarious story of a bike rack that inspired this picture. You really had to be there but we laughed about it the whole weekend. This looks like it is probably our best side anyway.
It was just beautiful up and down the coast. We drove through the infamous Daytona Beach and just enjoyed the cloudy weather and pretty views of the ocean.
Sometime during the day I told the sistas about my fabulous idea of a heated mouse for the computer. I thought of it years ago and had just never done anything with it. One thing led to another and after a few phone calls and lots of discussion we decided to call it the "Hottie" and form a business together. We were amazed at how many talents we all had between us and our families. It was quite exciting. We discussed and discussed the whole rest of the weekend an were ready to go. We even had an appointment with a patent lawyer when it was sadly discovered there is already a heated mouse on the market!!! Man we were bummed. We were so excited to do this and I have to admit part of the excitement was working together on this. So with the end of the "Hottie" came the beginning of an idea to start a blog together. We can all cook and again we have various areas of expertise that are amazing. So I am working on as we speak. I hope to have it up and going soon so we can get a cookbook going too!!

That night we treated ourselves to a fabulous fondue night. We spent the whole evening laughing and of course planning for the hottie. We were so full by the end of the night we couldn't even do the chocolate fondue. Now that's full! Another super fun day.

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