Monday, June 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a super fun long weekend to write about. We headed up to Provo first to spend the night with Christina. We got there just in time for a snack:
 She introduced us to Sub-Zero. Darn her cause we are hooked now!First you pick your cream and fillings and then the magic begins...

Voila the best ice cream! It was super creamy and it just got better as it melted. Like a mini creamy glacier.
We headed up to Rexburg the next day and got there late afternoon. We did some shopping that afternoon and then we rounded up Dreah and her boyfriend and went to The Hickory for dinner. It was super yummy. Nothing beats BBQ somedays. After we were stuffed so we headed up to campus to walk it off some. We really needed a walk because we went to get more ice cream. They introduced us to the cupcake ice cream at the Cocoa Bean. Amazing ice cream that has crumbled up cupcakes in it. Delightful! We toured the art work at the I-Center. It was pretty amazing. That didn't quite do it so we walked all the way through campus. We enjoy this campus because it is very beautiful and well kept. The gardens never disappoint.

 The next day we tried three different wards to find a sacrament meeting and hit the road. We decided to take Jeff & Rachel to Yellowstone. Heck it's right there and they hadn't been so off we went. We had the whole day and we pretty much did the whole park! Well not quite but pretty close. It was cold still with snow patches here and there so we say a side to the park we had never seen before. Steam everywhere because the air was chilly. Really fun even though it was hard to see the cool colors at some of the hot springs and stuff.
 We also saw tons of buffalo everywhere...

 A Grizzly Bear!
 Everyone stopped to see the bear!!
 Old Faithful!

 The park was beautiful and I am so glad we went since it's been awhile for all of us. We had a great day. The next day we had to head out. We said goodbye to Jeff & Rachel and headed back to Provo for dinner with Christina. We hit Tucanos which is always just awesome. We groaned all the way home and vowed to get right back on the diets! IT was a lovely weekend and we loved spending some time with our kids!

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Jolynn said...

Sounds like a great weekend!Iv'e never been to Yellowstone Park and it is definitely on my bucket list. It looks really beautiful. And now I feel I've got to try this sub-zero place! It looked very interesting. (and tastey!)