Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sister's Retreat!

This all started when Nadine called me at work one day and asked if I was going to be in Florida anytime this spring. She was looking for a sister's retreat to take her mind of the crap of everyday life. Of course I was up for it and started texting the girls!! It took a couple of weeks of working out details and prayers that it would all work out but we finally got it all nailed down and booked. We were all so excited for April 18-22. So here is Day 1 which was our travel day and Day 2:
 After a travel day from heck we all finally met up at the Orlando airport. Beth was about 8 hours late but about $400 richer for it. Carolyn was 2 hours late and I was about an hour late! As you can see I spent lots of time in Minneapolis "de-icing". Who knew in April this would be going on??
 We knew Carolyn was turning 50 the first day so we made our plans accordingly. Nadine met us all at the airport at about midnight with a walker that was decorated to the hilt. There was a lovely sash and crown to go with it!!

 We got a little carried away since we were all punchy at this point and decorated up Snow White who was lounging at the airport. We loaded up and drove out to the beach which was a couple of hours out. Nadine's husband's boss has a condo that they let us use for the whole weekend for just the nominal cleaning fee.
The fabulous condo!
 This was the scene that day as we hit the beach. Nadine went to the store while we sunscreened up (or so we thought) and headed down. She was only gone a little more than an hour but it seemed like half the day so we added time each time we discussed it. I think we were up to ten hours we waited for her by the end of the trip!!
 So we entertained ourselves while we waited with the birthday sash. What we didn't know was that we are sunblock stupid or something and we were getting super burnt on various parts of our bodies. What a disaster that was. By the next morning we were so burned we decided to cancel our massages. What a bummer. Next time we will know better.
 This proves it! Our theme was let's eat pastries and lots of them.
That night we went out to the Garlic for dinner for Carolyn's birthday. It smelled heavenly. The food was pretty good too! It was wonderful.
The specials on a pasta noodle

The birthday gal

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