Saturday, May 11, 2013

They Are Growing So Fast!

I went to Vegas in March to do my usual grocery shopping and a million other things. Of course on my list was the now traditional visit to Great Buns.  I heart that place.  So after filling up on bread and other goodies I got busy with my huge list. I got my shopping finished with my grand kids help after I met up with Ashley & the boys. Then it was time for a quick playtime in the park before heading for home.

 I had some strawberries that the boys chowed down on while they played. Cooper wouldn't eat then play so he just munched while playing. This attracted the attention of another little guy who had to have some too. Too funny. Better than candy any ol day!

 See I even got a sneak picture of Dane at the playground.

 The boys ran us ragged. Cooper had his strawberry smile going on while he tried to dodge my camera. Before they left I gave them each a bag of green candy and juice and stuff to eat for St Patrick's Day. You are welcome Ashley!

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